Following the mass success of Young Frankenstein, Marty, Gene, and Mel were determined to keep the band together. Gene got the ball rolling with his directorial debut The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother. In Marty’s autobiography eYE Marty he recounts that “between shooting with Gene in England and flying back and fro, shooting Mel’s Silent Movie, the whole time was a blur of exhaustive creativity.”

Here is a brief interview from 1975 with Marty aboard the ‘Queen Elizabeth II’ while it was docked in Long Beach, California. Marty and Lauretta took the same vessel from England to New York ten years earlier and got to see Bob Dylan in his beginnings and John Coltrane in his prime.

Marty seems relaxed. He had just met with Universal and they offered him a five picture deal and a six million dollar advance.

The world was his oyster.

Enjoy this clip!

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