The year 1975 was as busy a year as Marty had encountered.  Coming of the international hit Young Frankenstein, Marty was offered a five picture deal with Universal Studios.  His first effort was to be The Last Remake of Beau Geste.   He decided that Spain and Ireland would be the locations for the film’s shoots.  Between doing press and appearing in Gene Wilder’s directorial debut, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Smarter Brother, Marty decided to stay in Europe to scout locations for his film.
He was offered a roll in a Italian movie that was to be a short three week turn in Italy. Marty declined and then was offered three times the fee plus control of the content of his character.  His segment of the film was titled The Bodyguard.  Marty used the opportunity for this adventure to yet again pay homage to his Silent Movie heroes, Buster Keaton, Laurel and Hardy, etc.
Lauretta too enjoyed herself visiting historical locations whilst Marty was at play.  The movie is a tough watch but here is the 20-odd minutes of Marty as a slapstick bodyguard protecting Canadian model Dayle Haddon.  The film was overdubbed and as is the way, not to great effect.  Still some funny performances from Marty.

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Marty as the Bodyguard in Sex with a Smile 1976

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Marty with Lauretta leaving Italy 1975



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Marty as Alex the Bodygaurd 1975



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Alex with Marina



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The very talented Dayle Haddon Vogue magazine 1974



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On hand ready to go



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eYE hug

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Marty 1976




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