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Here is a documentary about Marty, with lots of good clips.  Jeff Simpson directed and did his best.  Lauretta initially took an interest in the project because the BBC were convinced it would get a great audience.  They were right.  It has been repeated frequently over the years.  Lauretta was interviewed but asked to have her segments removed after seeing a rough cut of the film.  Her problems were mainly with the tone of Marty’s life towards the end.  He is painted as the sad clown who did not achieve the status he wanted.  According to their real friends who were not included, the opposite was true.  The same film is available online for a high price and has been renamed Legends.  It’s free on YouTube and here.



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Opening titles..

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Marty before the thyroid took its toll, staring right at us.

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Cartoon of Marty and his good friend and writing partner Barry Took

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John Cleese remembering Marty

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Alternate opening title

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