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photo (3)Marty’s Love – Photo by Marty 1958

Lauretta Eleanor Sullivan met her man Marty Allan Feldman on April 12, 1958.  In his memoir he described their meeting as a “lightning bolt.” His memoir is a wonderful love song to her. She never read it because of the pain, but she knew it all.

They met in a bar London and their lives were together forever.  Lauretta died six years ago this week. She is missed though still very much a presence.  Her house is rocking and her much-loved roses are pounced and ready to spring forward to once again light up her garden.  She is happy that a couple of kids are chasing hummingbirds around the place, filling the world with all she left and more.

She would be happy that you are reading this and thus keeping her “old man’s” spirit alive.  Lauretta was as great a friend as a person could be lucky enough to meet.  She chirps and barks, maybe she and Marty are still at home?  Maybe not, but they really kind of are.  She kept everything, mementos from their lives, from our lives, from friends.  A note from her pal Paul F. Tompkins sending kind condolences for the loss of her brother, an article about her friend Paul Thomas Anderson, an unopened bottle of expensive champagne from her friend Jon Brion, a thank you for a wonderful night from her friend Michael Griffee, a hello from her friend Ellen Rehak and on and on …   No notes from her closet pal Anne Levy, no need, for they spoke by phone for hours every day.  News from London, gossip from Los Angeles and the reverse too as well!!

She would be missed if we let her, but is not for we shan’t.

We love her still


photo 1 (12)

Lauretta with her Sunbeam by Marty 1961

photo 2 (13)Lauretta on location by Marty 1961

photo 3 (16)At home, London by Marty 1962

photo 4 (13)Spain 1963 by Marty

photo 5 (6)London 1961


London 1959

photo 2 (14)London 1959

photo 3 (17)London 1959

photo 4 (14)Home Laurel Canyon 1982

photo 5 (7)Home Laurel Canyon 1981

photo 1 (13)February 1983 England photo by Ted Levy

photo 2 (15)February 1983 England photo by Ted Levy

photo 3 (18)With Ted Levy in London 1985
Marty’s Yard is a Cul de Sac in Hampstead, London dedicated to Marty by his dear friend and influential architect Ted Levy. It is quaint and Lauretta loved the gesture.

photo 4 (16)Lauretta In Malibu California 1998. Photo by Flanagan

photo 5 (1)Lauretta with her old man at home in Laurel Canyon 1981

unnamed (1)
Lauretta and her old man, home 1982
photo 2
1966 England, this horrible looking woman kept asking Lauretta
‘What she saw in this man?’ She saw everything!
photo 3 (1)
Last photo of Lauretta and Marty taken before Marty was to shoot his role on the film Yellowbeard 1982.
photo 1 (14)
Lauretta at Largo New Year’s Eve 1999, Fairfax ave Los Angeles. Photo by Flanagan
Lauretta at Largo the last night on Fairfax Ave. May 2008 photo by Jocco
IMG_0263 (1)
Lauretta at Largo at the Coronet 2009, La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles. Photo by Ellen Rehak
photo 4 (15)
Poem by Marty, taken from his autobiography eYE Marty.
photo 5 (8)
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