marty santa
marty santa
What a great year it has been and it can only gEt better
Hope you all have a great holiday and a very healthy and happy new year
We are adding more stuff as we go. Marty’s first moviE starring role was in 1970
It was “Every Home Should have one, later released in the USA a to cash in on his
eYE Gor success and re-titled “Think Dirty”. A whacky jaunt.
A film intended to be written by Marty and Barry Took and starring the great Peter Sellers
Marty was chosen to star after Sellers became too busy.
Also added are the live record of Julian and Sandy, written by Marty and Barry Took
And a collection of “Round the Horne” radio broadcasts. Radio at its best.
In the SongEEs section we have added a video for the song “A Joyous Time of the Year”
Just I. Time for the holiday, sung by a Jew for all peoples rounde and square!!
More to come
Thanx for checking it out and if you feel inclined to follow us on the old Socials, please do
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