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Hey friEnds!!

Many new updates on the sitE.
Lots of movies,tElly and audio too.
“I Feel a Song Going Off ” recorded and released in 1969 and re-issued in 1974 as “the Crazy World of Marty Feldman”. Great songs penned by Marty collaborator Denis King. Like many Marty items, these go for high prices but why pay when the source is free and Marty would love it. Both Marty films, which he directed, co-wrote (with Chris Allen) and acted in, are here in all their glory. Both movies were edited without Marty’s approval and he was left with a bad taste about it all. He quit a lucrative deal with the studio rather than risk making the same fate for a third time. The Last Remake of Beau Geste and In God we Tru$t have many great moments and have great co stars, Ann Maragraet, Peter Ustinov, Michael York, Peter Boyle, Richard Pryor (as God, of course) and Andy Kaufman in his first film appearance.  Original Music by Harry Nilsson too!!
In eYE radio there is audio from “Marty”. This is Marty’s first Telly series and remains many people’s favorite of all Marty outings. An episode of The Marty Feldman Comedy Show is in eYE Telly. The full series is planned for
Release in the UK in 2016.

The book eYE Marty (Marty’s own story), is out and selling great in Britain and available at a good price at (PURCHASE HERE!).

Check out all the great reviews in News section.
The book will be released by Rare Bird here in the USA at the end of February.
There will be a few changes in the US edition. It was difficult/impossible to get rights for certain photographs that Marty had intended to be in his book. All originals will be here.
Special thanks to LDF for posting all this stuff and designing the sitE
Also thanks to AVB for loading audio and visual.
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Here is to  2016 and beyond!!!



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