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Finally, the US version of eYE Marty comes out May 3rd.  This edition is the fully-realized version of the book Marty had envisioned, illustrating his life in words and pictures.  Due to photo clearances issues, about twenty photos had to be taken out of the UK edition.  So here it is in its larger 8 x 10 format, with all the intended photos and a few extras too.

We will be celebrating with an event at Largo at the Coronet on April 27 @ 8 pm.  The great Eric Idle will join us for a conversation about Marty.  They were great friends and almost 33 years after Marty died on the set of the film that they both starred in, Mr. Idle will discuss Marty’s impact on his life.  The US version of the book will be available at the show and we hope you can make this special one-time-only event.


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Both versions of the Marty book, the bigger US version in the foreground.

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Marty lower left and Eric upper middle. The Frost Report team.



Eric Idle arrives at the Best Friends Animal Society's 2009 Lint Roller Party at the Hollywood Palladium on October 3, 2009 in Hollywood, California. Picture by Derek Ross/LFI

Mr. Eric Idle

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ChEEk 2 ChEEk

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Marty and John Cleese last days of Yellowbeard, 1982

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Marty with John, Graham and Tim, 1967

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Monty Pythons

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Avid readers!

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